16 months ago
Handprints Discovered In Tibet May Be The Earliest Human ‘Art’ Ever Found

undreds of thousands of years ago, two children pressed their hands into soft limestone in present-day Quesang, Tibet. As time passed, the limestone hardened, preserving their handprints. Now, some archeologists believe that this ancient echo of childhood play might represent the oldest human art ever found.
The prints were first discovered on a boulder in Quesang in 2018. There, archeologists led by David Zhang found “five handprints and five footprints [which] appear to have been carefully placed.”
But it was the age of the prints that caught the team’s attention. By measuring the levels of uranium isotopes in the rock, they determined that the prints were between 169,000 and 226,000 years old.

That means that the prints might be the oldest human-made art ever discovered. They’re far older than the oldest known cave painting, which is about 64,800 years old.https://allthatsinteresting.com/prehistoric-handprin
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